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Been meaning to share some Youtube Metal Playlists.. I’ll add more over time…


Disturbed ~ Official Website

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See all Disturbed video’s at their Youtube Channel


‘So Long and Goodnight… and be Indestructible’ (a cliche, I know…)

Music down through the years has certainly changed somewhat with the title of this post in mind, yes ‘Heartbreak’.  🙂  So, I thought it was a good post idea to share some playlists that I’ve come across from the 80’s and so on. Bear with them as well, because obviously the people who made the playlists don’t update and delete ‘deleted’ video’s, so just skip them in the playback. Eventually, I’ll be making a page here entitled ‘Heartbreak Station’ ~ with my own playlists, in the meantime enjoy clicking through some of these.

broken heart

The following is a playlist featuring Bullet for My Valentine…..

Fever (Bullet for My Valentine album)

Fever (Bullet for My Valentine album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The youtube mix was slightly changed, and as I had it posted on my Black Veil Brides Page (see page link at top of the page / posting) I decided to remove it, to ‘keep things correct’ as not entirely a BVB playlist.  Instead of just deleting it I thought, ‘post it instead’!

Scream Aim Fire

Scream Aim Fire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hand of Blood

Hand of Blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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