When it’s bugging you ‘no end’… you remember part, if not all of a song, you can hum or sing it… but ‘What’s that damn song’!! You can let it go, forget about it entirely, then it comes back to haunt you.. sound familiar? Following are some great links, all of which I’ve tried at some point that are very reliable.  Music is great, but  it can also drive you nuts at times!

oh shit

Lyrics  >> 

Lyrster  >>

Song Lyrics  >>

Lyrics Planet  >>

Lyric Wikia  >>  Is a free site; a source where anyone can go to get reliable lyrics for any song from any artist without being hammered by invasive ads.

Gerard Way a funny quote


Create your own Meme’s here Meme link 1 and link 2

You’ve got to wonder, if Gerard from My Chemical Romance or Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day… even momentarily have forgotten the lyrics to a song.. perhaps not

P!nk singing ‘I Don’t Believe You’ live at the 02 Dublin, Ireland 19/04/2009. Such an amazing performer, in this video though she forgets the lyrics

Oasis – Noel Gallagher forget the lyrics on stage

Noel with Champagne Supernova

Jonsi ~ Sigur Ros, Animal Arithmetic Live:  This one was funny features Jonsi, dressed like he is, and shakes his head a lot through the ‘forgetting’.. lol

‘I Forgot that Love Existed ~ Van Morrison

Article on Grunge about other musicians forgetting Lyrics on Stage..

On a slightly different note, since the Blues is so neglected here at Mood Music.. I’ll add Robert Cray with ‘I Forgot to be Your Lover’…